Happy 3rd Birthday!

When I first started my photography business back in 2015, I never expected it to turn this way. I loved photographing babies and children, their little faces when they light up makes the ovaries pop. It wasn't until I had my second baby in 2017 that I started to really look into my own body image. After a little bit of work and practice, a spark happened, I started to accept and have some compassion for my body. I started to see myself in a different way, I started to get my sensuality back and I wanted everyone around me to feel this incredible and liberating feeling. It was then I knew what my purpose was, specialising in Boudoir and helping women with their own body image and sensuality. I started to practice, learn, practice, learn, build a community and learn some more. I am still forever learning, improving and pushing my limits, I think that's imperative as a businesswoman and artist. So to celebrate 3 years specialising in this amazing industry, I'm giving you the opportunity to also have an amazing birthday!

Book your All Inclusive Experience for your own Birthday, and choose ANY Premium Set as a complimentary Birthday Gift to luxe your special day! It's time to treat yourself and pay thanks to your body and soul. Invest in yourself in such a way that it keeps paying for itself, over and over again when you look back on your experience and images. All it takes is that one image to spark something so special, you'll be in disbelief that it's you, and has been you all along.

This offer is open until FEB 14th and limited to the first 5 bookings!

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