All Sessions Include


  • Consultation to tailor your experience either in studio or online
  • Hair & Makeup Services
  • Fully guided 60-90-minute session in my private Fremantle studio.
  • Same day reveal, where you view and purchase your chosen images.
  • Boudie Bank Incentive - Pre-purchase your images, either in full or pre-payment plan, to receive $100 off your final order OR choose to add on a Specialty Experience as a complimentary gift, valued at $250.
  • Referral Program - Receive $100 in credit or a Visa Gift Card for each referral that successfully books. They will also receive $50 credit toward their session fee AND $50 credit towards their images. 

A minimum $250 non-refundable retainer is required to secure your session, with a balance of $250 payable 5 days prior to your session date. I offer luxury, high quality images and products from Australia’s leading manufacturers of handcrafted products, sold separately. A la Carte Menu starts from $750 and Collections from $1700.

 Couples, Solo Erotica and Couples Erotica are no extra charge.

Credit card, direct deposit, After Pay, Payright (interest free finance) and in-house payment plans are available, and super easy!

Ready to be empowered?


I don't think I could do this, I don't know how to pose!

Yes you can! Because I will guide and pose you through the whole way! Head to toe, arms and face. They can be tricky and possibly break a tiny sweat, but all you need to do is have fun and trust the process!

I don't have the confidence to do something like this.

You don't need confidence to do this, you need trust. Trust in the process and trust in me. Confidence is what you GAIN!

Do I have to be thin? I want to lose weight first, or I want to do XYZ first.

No!!!! Embracing and empowering is about loving your body for what it is right now in this very moment. It’s ok to want self-improvement, however embrace your now.

Do I need to bring my own Lingerie or Clothing?

I have a small selection of Naked Curve pieces for you to wear, along with some Honey Birdette items and chains, however it's still best to bring your own Lingerie.

Do you use photoshop to make people look thinner?

NO. I never or very rarely use photoshop to perform any body manipulation. I DO use Photoshop and other software to perform the very minor common retouching such as exposure, colour, tonal correction, shadow and highlight emphasis, skin smoothing and blemish removal. I do not offer body manipulation as that is not a true representation of your beautiful body.

Will anyone else see my photos?

No. No one will see your photos until you want to share them and if you give me permission to use or share them for marketing or social media.

Time to take the plunge