The Story of a Boudoir Photographer

So HI! My name is Candice, the overly expressional red head. I am a wife to the most supportive husband in the world, proud mum of two incredibly awesome kids, friends and family to amazing people, and my business is everything. I try to balance it all the best I can!

I started my photography business like most I know and admire. We got a camera to take great pictures of our first born. So it was a no brainer to research and learn how to use it right? Well, for me it was because I really enjoyed it! That was 2015, so fast forward to 2017 I got a taste of confidence. I've battled with self image woes for all my life. The same sort of story growing up, bullying, navigating teenage hormones and all the rest, but I was blessed that it wasn't as bad as most. Then came adult life where drinking and eating was extremely fun, especially when doing it with your partner in crime. Then came the fitness stage! I was smashing some awesome fitness goals, I felt so amazing and energized. Though, even when I was in such great shape, I still criticised and hated on my body. Then poof, I'm pregnant and all the hard work went out the window. (Not going into that here and wouldn't change it for the world)

Boudoir Photographer Perth

Then pop goes another kid and by now I'm dipping my toes into Boudoir and Empowerment photography! I was playing with my camera and lighting and I took a selfie with the camera's timer. I had no makeup, fluffy hair and no bra; vulnerable right?! I was excited to see how it turned out, and I was NOT expecting my reaction. I first looked at the image thinking it was someone else, I didn't recognise me. I looked at the photo like I would of someone else, and wished I was her. She looked strong, beautiful and stirred many emptions. Except it WAS me and a penny dropped, or two or three. I finally had a moment where I realised that whilst some people may not like me or the way I look, that's ok because that only effects them and they are allowed to have their individuality. I am who I am. I love me and my body. My husband loves all of me, my children love all of me. My body and looks are for me and I own them now. The weight I never knew was there, instantly lifted off my shoulders, and it felt so darn liberating. And all it took was ONE photo. That one photo to spark the road of self love and healing. A road that isn't easy but equally fulfilling and enlightening.

I knew then I wanted and needed other women to experience the same liberation. This needs to happen to everyone!


My core motivation is to help you see that ONE photo. To help you embrace that incredible body of yours and start that self love journey. I want to remind you just how beautiful, sexy and human you really are. Let’s get raw for a minute. We are all sexual beings; we have to be for humanity to survive. Unfortunately, when it comes to feeling sexy and in tune with ourselves, it’s usually obscured by what it was that shaped us. Our perceived view becomes distorted and clouds our own judgement on ourselves. But what if we could clear some of these clouds, the doubt and negativity, and just be our sensual sexy selves?

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This is why Boudoir and Intimate Portraiture is more than just putting on lingerie and having photos. It’s pushing past your insecurities and comfort zones; it’s awakening your intimate, sexy self. The very essence that makes you a sensual, beautiful human being no matter your shape, age or journey. It's an investment in yourself that is worth it.

Each and every single person who walks through my studio is guided the whole time and believe it or not, everyone who has done a shoot with me will say it’s a workout! I flow pose you throughout the whole session, capturing different angles, accentuating all your sexy assets. We’ll have some laughs too, that is inevitable because like I said I'm a quirky little red head who just wants to make people happy! Then when you get to see yourself in your gorgeous images, you will finally SEE yourself. It truly is a transformative experience!

Hear straight from previous clients and their experience!



“Sneaky sneak of something special we got done to celebrate our anniversaries this year seeing as though our plans to celebrate in Melbourne got canned. I cannot recommend @candiceannephotography enough!! Way out of my comfort zone but Candice made it absolute fun and I’ve never felt more comfortable in my life! We cannot wait to see the final shots and get our chosen photos back! Honestly hit this girl up, you will not be disappointed!! Will definitely be a returning client ❤️❤️”

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