Let the voices of past clients give clarity and assurance that Boudoir is for EVERYBODY

Should you do it?

“Sneaky sneak of something special we got done to celebrate our anniversaries this year seeing as though our plans to celebrate in Melbourne got canned. I cannot recommend @candiceannephotography enough!! Way out of my comfort zone but Candice made it absolute fun and I’ve never felt more comfortable in my life! We cannot wait to see the final shots and get our chosen photos back! Honestly hit this girl up, you will not be disappointed!! Will definitely be a returning client ❤️❤️”


“Yes, I’ve done two! The difference in the pictures I picked in the second one versus the first was noticeable. I much preferred the more confident poses the second time around. It has really helped my self love and self confidence. Highly recommend!! ❤️”

“We have now done 2 shoots with Candice, both times she made as feel comfortable and created an environment that helped us thrive. She understands how to help you create the best images with your body and doesn’t artificially manipulate photos. Her creativity and desire to try your ideas aswell makes it for an awesome experience. We couldn’t recommend Candice enough, you will be in love with the photos and Candice! Great quality photos, value for money and great person.”


“I got my first shoot done after my divorce. Both times now has been entirely for myself and it’s the best god damn thing I’ve done for myself!!!! Seeing the body I’ve hated and abused for so long through someone else’s eyes and perspective made me actually love parts of me I thought I hated. Candice is so talented and makes you feel so relaxed it’s honestly the best thing I’ve ever done!!!! Doooooo it!!!!!!”


“From the moment I walked in I felt welcomed and comfortable. Candice not only is a fantastic photographer, but she also ensures her clients are comfortable and enjoying the experience. The images were absolutely stunning, her creative vision is amazing and her focus on body positivity is refreshing. Would definitely recommend working with her!”


“OMG I had such an amazing time. Thank you for making me feel comfortable and being awesome. I am so incredibly impressed with the photos”


“I did!! My first shoot was to help me gain a bit of confidence and I ended up falling in love with my body. I used to look at myself as fat and highly but after my shoot I felt sexy as fuck!!”


“I had one last year for this exact reason and then had my second on my 30th birthday back in Jan and we did a couples shoot!!!
Candice and her mua will make you love yourself so much, I still look at my photos and can't believe its me 💥💥💥”


“I got divorced, lost some weight and found myself. I did a mini shoot with Candice to capture the new me. I had an absolute ball and putting together a book that will be for me to celebrate the journey. Can’t recommend it enough 🙌💕”

self love

“Thank you so much for selecting me to take part and have this amazing opportunity. My confidence in myself has soared back to where I believed in my sexy again”


“Hell yes!!! It’s so empowering to do it for yourself! Candice is a Queen at what she does, she captures it perfect and leaves you feeling like you can’t believe that’s you, I’ve had a few shoots now and my confidence has grown dramatically! I love bringing new ideas to the table or embracing ones that are offered and it’s such a huge part of my personal growth! I highly recommend it, you won’t look back!! Xx”


“Candice will make you feel relaxed immediately with her witty sense of humour. Had the pleasure of working with her recently and found her to be outstanding in her work. Highly recommend.”


I don't think I could do this, I don't know how to pose!

Yes you can! Because I will guide and pose you through the whole way! Head to toe, arms and face. They can be tricky and possibly break a tiny sweat, but all you need to do is have fun and trust the process!

I don't have the confidence to do something like this.

You don't need confidence to do this, you need trust. Trust in the process and trust in me. Confidence is what you GAIN!

Do I have to be thin? I want to lose weight first, or I want to do XYZ first.

No!!!! Embracing and empowering is about loving your body for what it is right now in this very moment. It’s ok to want self-improvement, however embrace your now.

Do I need to bring my own Lingerie or Clothing?

I have a small selection of Naked Curve pieces for you to wear, along with some Honey Birdette items and chains, however it's still best to bring your own Lingerie.

Do you use photoshop to make people look thinner?

NO. I never or very rarely use photoshop to perform any body manipulation. I DO use Photoshop and other software to perform the very minor common retouching such as exposure, colour, tonal correction, shadow and highlight emphasis, skin smoothing and blemish removal. I do not offer body manipulation as that is not a true representation of your beautiful body.

Will anyone else see my photos?

No. No one will see your photos until you want to share them and if you give me permission to use or share them for marketing or social media.

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We wish to acknowledge the custodians of this land, the Wadjuk (Perth region) people of the Nyoongar nation and their Elders past, present and future. Candice Anne Photography acknowledges and respects their continuing culture and the contribution they make to the life of this city and this region.

We are an all-inclusive small business that endeavours to continually educate ourselves on how we can support marginalised communities, including LGBTQIA, persons of colour and people with disabilities while acknowledging and exercising humility about our privilege.