It's been a draining week, especially for Daddy. I have felt his energy drain each day he comes home from a stressful day at work. The urge to have him happy and relieved, I really wanted to lift him up so today I wrote him a text in the morning, a slight description of what I wanted to do for him tonight.

"I'd like to shave you again tonight and enjoy your beautiful cock in my mouth.. slowly.. sensually.. kissing and sucking for as long as I can before you cum into my wide open mouth and big eyes looking up at you...."

I did not anticipate how this was going to shape our day. I wanted him in my mouth, I was craving it. So I asked Daddy if he had time for lunch with me, I had to do some errands near his work anyway, a little detour wouldn't hurt? This now has definitely got him distracted, and good. As he requests, I send him pictures of my bare pussy I'm starting to realise that my surprise gobby will turn into something so much more.

We meet, cars together in a dark corner under a somewhat empty undercover car park. Nice and secluded with small potential for someone seeing. He enters into my car and my heart starts to race as he immediately grabs my thigh. I wanted to wrap my mouth around his throbbing cock but he had other plans. He caresses my mound underneath my dress. I have no underwear as per his request, so he was able to feel the softness of my skin, the softness of my bare pussy. I'm extremely wet by now as he rubs my clit and I hit euphoria. His fingers enter me with ease as I gasp in pleasure, hitting the spot knowing exactly where to hook me. Our breath and rhythm get faster and I notice the car is moving, but I didn't care. I could hear the wetness, I was close but I didn't want it to end. My hips move as his grip intensifies, by this point if anyone were close by they would hear my moans. His strength inside me sends pleasure all through my body. My legs start to shake as a warm sensation is building up inside my now dripping wet pussy.

"Tell me you want to come Princess"

It takes some concentration to answer back, but I beg "Yes please Daddy, please I want to come, please make me come". He starts to fuck me with his fingers with all his strength, "oh fuck Daddy I'm coming.."

"Come Princess"

And I EXPLODE. I explode in an involuntary spasm and wave of pleasure, I can feel my squirt flow down and soak my dress. It goes everywhere as he continues my orgasm, the sounds and sensations are blissfully out of this world.

"That's my girl" Daddy whispers as he tastes me on his fingers. "Thank you Daddy" as I smile and stare into a his satisfied eyes, my body trembling....

I am laying there, trembling from what's just happened, legs open, my dress, the seat and steering wheel all soaked from my explosion. I was NOT expecting that. Squirting is starting to become a welcomed consistent occurrence.

As I gather my breath, I then turn my attention to Daddy. He definitely now deserves all of it. He pulls his pants down and I can see his gorgeous hard cock waiting for me to devour. He reclines the seat to get comfortable and I kiss it. I taste his sweet pre-cum, I smile at him as I start to caress and kiss the length of his shaft, lingering on his head. My tongue wraps around as I suck to get more of his juice out. I take him deeper into my mouth as he gently thrusts, his head delves deeper down my throat. I gag but I love it, I want him to fuck my mouth further...harder. 

Listening to him moan as he gets closer to unloading, the desire to gaze upon my happy Daddy waves over me, I come up for breath and look into his eyes. I grin, he looks like he is in heaven, Daddy surely must be thinking I'm a good girl. He loves my eyes as we connect so he brushes his fingers through my hair, to the back of my head. He grips me and guides me back down to his soaking cock. I pull on his balls as I deep throat him again. I go down as far as I can and push my tongue out to reach even more of his shaft. I manipulate my tongue around his head, I feel every inch of him as I lick more pre-cum.

He is throbbing and ready to release his load. I now have my hands gripped around his balls and shaft, my mouth is enjoying being fucked. I take over and move faster and deeper.

"I'm going to come Princess" as he trembles.

I continue while he starts to thrust, I can feel the veins in his cock pulsate, he moans as I feel him cumming into my throat. It's warm and tastes oh so sweet. I dare not stop while swallowing so I can get every single drop he gives me. I go deeper and suck again to clean him all up like the good girl I am. I softly release, making sure nothing is left and smile at him. I bite my lip because it was hot.

"Good girl my princess" as he smiles back.

"Now wrap your pretty mouth around my cock again, I want to feel your mouth just one more time"

My head and tongue reach for his spent cock. I softly put it my mouth and caressed it. Sucking ever so gently.

We rest back, feeling fulfilled and well satisfied. We giggle at the mess we made, luckily I came prepared for a bit off mess. We can't stop smiling at each other, that was hot as fuck.

We kiss and chat about it before we head back to work. It's hard to concentrate on the road now, but as I drive I replay our wet lunch over and over again.