I am Shakira I am 30 years I have a love of all things retro, vintage and quirky and maybe a slight obsession with owls . I would class myself as a bit of an oddball and a tad quirky but I've always felt like I never really fitted in. 

I've been a plus size model for over 5 years now and got trapped and I suppose type casted into alternative and pinup work which I love but I sorta lost myself along the way. I've struggled with my weight most of my life and having PCOS, endometriosis and fibromyalgia so that crushed my self esteem and self worth for most my life.

But as I'm growing older I'm finding that I don't need that mask as much to feel beautiful and I'm discovering my inner beauty and my fierceness . What draws me to represent Candice Anne is that you embrace the quirks ,the inner and natural beauty and encourage the fierceness and it doesn't matter what shape you are it's about how you express yourself and how you choose to embrace your curves no matter if they are big or small.

Boudoir photography gives you the opportunity to take control and express your sensuality and sexuality in the way you want to be portrayed and to draw the viewer in with just that one glance. You are able to show so many sides of yourself and express whatever part tickles your fancy from the soft sensual side to the minx within . You can choose to share your dirty little secrets or tease and tantalize the viewer , boudoir photography is so empowering to me and is my fave sort of photography to shoot