It is advisable that you promptly download your boudoir files from your download link or USB flash drive. USB flash drives are not suitable for long term storage as they are vulnerable to damage and content can be lost easily. Where possible, create “master” copies of images and save them on an external hard drive as well as your internal hard drive.

Creating archival-quality prints of your images is the best way to preserve your beautiful photos. Invest in printing your important memories on true photographic paper.

Printing Recommendations

For optimal printing results, please print with a professional lab with no colour corrections. Supermarket/Retailer chains and print labs that offer cost effective and same day photos are not considered professional print labs. Because print quality varies greatly from lab to lab, no guarantees can be made about print quality from a non-professional lab. Below are some recommendations for National and Perth based professional print labs that offer easy online ordering and home deliveries:

Cropping Guide/Aspect Ratio

When you take your images to print, choosing a print size will affect the cropping of your image. Because cameras produce images with an aspect ratio (ratio of photograph width to height) of 3:2 the images will fit the following print sizes perfectly:

4 x 6”, 6 x 9”, 8 x 12”, 10 x 15”, 12 x 18”, 16 x 24”, 20 x 30”

As soon as you print any other sizes, cropping is unavoidable. Make sure your print lab allows you to preview your image and crop as you desire before you print.

Here is a cropping guide for your reference.

Boudoir Print Sizing Guide

You may also choose to print through Candice Anne Photography to ensure the best composition, crop and quality of your prints. Please feel free contact us for further details, or if you require any assistance with your Digital Images and Printing.