One last look in the mirror before I turn around and walk to the door. Nerves, adrenaline and excitement all making my tummy tingle.

I’ve had this night planned for us for a while now and I can’t wait to play it out.

I wait for the Uber outside and feel relieved when I see it pull up. I jump in and the driver is asking me lots of random questions keeping my mind off what I’m about to do.

15 minutes later we arrive at my destination. I get out and walk up to the door. I take a deep breath in, close my eyes and knock on the door. Before I can even put my arms down the door flies open and you grab me by the waist and kiss me like you’ve never kissed me before. You close the door before pushing me against it and kissing me deeper. Grabbing my neck with one hand and my face with the other. Then you whisper “fuck I missed you”, “I missed you too” I say. Then I push you back and put my bag down “but right now I need a drink”. You laugh and walk to the kitchen to grab us some beers. He turns around and stops for a second “shit, I’m only now registering what you’re wearing. Nice jacket, is it a special occasion?” “Maybe” I say mysteriously and you look at me questionable. I skull my first beer hoping the one beer will give me some extra courage.

After our drinks you walk up to me and start kissing me again “you look delicious, I want to eat you” and you nibble my neck.

“Not so quick cowboy” I say “I have plans for you tonight”

“Oh really?” And you step back crossing your arms

“Yup” and I walk past him to grab another beer.

On my way back I grab a kitchen chair and place it in the centre of the room. I grab my bag and pull out a speaker and red rope. Your eyes grow big and I can see a smile forming. I don’t even have to tell you to go sit down. You take a seat and lick your lips. “Bring it woman”

i walk to you with the red ropes and tie your arms to the chair. You know why, I am taking away your ability to touch me, I’m going to drag it out until you beg me.

I dim the lights, take my jacket off to reveal a dress and put the music on. Slow, sexy, sultry.

As I close my eyes I feel the music and start moving my body to it. My hips are swaying and my head is dropping back. Your eyes are locked on me and I when I move my head back I lock them on you.

After a few minutes I turn around and slowly zip the back of my dress down to reveal my red corset underneath. When the zip can’t go any further I push the dress down until it’s at my feet and I kick it aside. I bend down following my legs with my fingertips until I see you through my legs “oh for fuck sake” I hear you say.

I go back up, turn around and walk to you. When I’m right in front of you place my hands next to your head on the chair and lean forward, giving you a perfect look of my breasts. Then my hands start moving down your chest, back up and then along your arms. I take another step forward until I’m on your lap. I grab the back of the chair again and bend my upper body backwards. Feeling the music. Still swaying my hips, making you feel every beat through my pelvis grinding on you. Then I bend even further and put my hands on the ground behind me. I know you, all you want to do right now is running your fingertips along my body.

When I’m back to sitting I get up and walk around the chair stopping behind you. I run my hands through your hair and along your face, shoulders and down your chest until I’ve reached the bulge in your pants. I can feel you’re holding your breath. Then I walk to the front and turn so I’m facing away from you. I once again for a minute or so get lost in the music, swaying, moving my hips, running my hands along my body and bending forward. You can see my ass in front of you sticking up in the air and I can see you trying to move your head forward to give me a bite. But I drop, frustrated you look at me and I give you a deviant smile. I get up and undo the clips of my corset suspenders to release them from my stockings. I turn around and unclip the back of my corset and let it drop keeping my hands on the front of my breasts. I turn around and walk to you when I’m right in front of you I let my hands go giving you a face full. Before I know it you’ve attached your mouth to one of my nipples and I moan. Then I step back. “Not yet” I say breathy and you move around clearly getting uncomfortable.

I dance more, teasing you, grinding on you and feeling you get harder under my touch every time.

After I feel I have tortured you enough I walk to my bag and grab a blindfold and put in on you.

I put on you as you start to look confused. “Have some patience” I say.

I turn the music up a bit and reach for my phone. There’s a message “I’m here” it says.

Ok pfew, I walk to the door and quietly open it to see you standing there. You’re beaming at me and I flash you a nervous but excited smile. I pull you in and giggle. “I can’t believe we’re finally doing this” I say. “I know, I’m so excited. It’s going to be fun” and you pull me in for a soft kiss. “He has no idea” I say. “Brilliant, well lets do this”

I put you in the room right in his line of sight and then remove the blindfold. He inhales deeply and looks you up and down. “Finally going to let me join in hu” you say. “Maybe” she says “if you’re good”.

I walk towards her and stand in front of her. Kiss her and she grabs me by the waist. She moves down my neck to my chest and takes my breasts in her hands. Rubs one of my nipples and takes the other in her mouth. I groan and grab the back of her head. I look at you and I can see the desire.

She moves down and removed my panties then she looks at me before taking a swipe at my pussy with her tongue. I close my eyes. That feels so good.

She grabs my hips and starts licking and sucking my clit more vigorously. I moan and see you are staring at her. I pull her up and kiss her tasting myself. Then I walk towards you and motion her to join us. She stands in front of you leans down and kisses you. Now you are tasting me too. She moves her hands down your chest to the bulge in you pants and starts undoing your button and zip. I nibble your ear and kiss your neck. I reach down and stroke the outline of your cock and your head falls back. I kiss you.

“Please” you say and I smile at her “shall we?”

“Could be fun” she agrees and we kiss.

“Fuck! Please, I’m begging now”

I start untying his arms and once they’re free he grabs her face and starts kissing her. “Fuck you’re so sexy” I grab their hands and start walking to the bedroom with them.

I tell you to sit in the armchair in the corner before I grab her hands and pull her onto the bed with me. We kiss and giggle and stroke each other. So familiar with each others body and responses. You’ve known about my time with her. But never seen it.

I sit up on top her and look down at her body. Stroking her chest her tummy her arms. I grab the rope and tie her hands above her head to the bed head.

I move down and roll her panties down her legs. Stroke her legs and move my body over hers. Then I help her to turn around face down. I know she likes to feel impact and am sure to give her what she wants. I trail my mouth and tongue down her spine until it rests above her ass. My hand reached down around her ass until I feel her wet pussy. I put pressure on her clit and rub. She moans and wriggles her hips.

I pull my hand away and reach under the bed. I grab a crop and a flogger and look over at you. I can see how turned on you are. I walk over and sit on your lap while kissing you. “Fuck all I want to do is taste you and fuck you” you say I groan and step back. “No, you’re first going to watch me taste and fuck her” I say.

I go back to the bed and grab the crop, I let it slide over her ass several times then I softly slap a few times warming up the area. Then I slap her hard, “fuck” I hear her say and she moans. I kiss the area and do it again. I repeat this a good 6 or 7 times then I toss it aside and help her up on her knees. Still on her tummy and hands bound. I can see the glistening between her legs and I slide my finger through it. I turn around and and put the finger in my mouth sucking while looking you deep in the eye. Then I look at her ass and bring my head in and stroke my tongue over her pussy from behind.

She lets out a sigh and I do it again. Swirling around tasting her, my mouth sucking in her clit, nibbling and licking until her breath becomes ragged. My finger moving inside her now. I flick my tongue across her asshole and swap between that and her pussy. She is breathing faster and faster now. I can feel she is getting close. I grab the flogger sit up and hit her ass hard the unexpected pain making her moan. She is so close now.

Then I step back and look at you. Motion you to get on the bed “taste her” I say. You don’t have to be told twice. You sit behind her and straight away lock your mouth around her pussy. I move to her face and she looks at me with desire and pure pleasure. I kiss her deeper and deeper. I look and see you push your finger in her now, pumping while still licking and suddenly I feel her tremble while she screams out and moves through her orgasm. Me kissing her neck and shoulders and stroking her back while you slow down but don’t stop.

Once she’s finished I undo the rope and turn her over on to her back. I snuggle up right next to her and stroke her front. You are sitting on your knees looking at us. Wiping your mouth.

I look up at her and she giggles “I think it’s his turn now”

Your eyes go wide and I can see you’re excited. I sit up, lean forward and kiss you. You grab a fistful of my hair and pull my head back. You lick my throat and my collarbone before letting my head go. Then I feel her arms coming around from the other side and I know she’s kissing, licking and nibbling your back. I push you down onto the bed I undo the buttons on your shirt while she is taking off your socks and shoes before moving to your pants.

Once you’re undressed we can see how excited you really are. I make my way down and teasingly move my tongue down your cock before giving you are short suck on the head and I feel your body jerk under me. Then her head appears next to mine and licks your cock. I join her and lick as well. She takes you in her mouth and starts moving up and down. I lick down to your balls and take them in my mouth. You groan. Your hand grabs her head and you start moving her forcefully up and down. Then she stops and sits up “not yet” she says to you and kisses you. I keep stroking and licking your balls occasionally flicking my tongue down even further. Then I see her moving up to straddle your face. You excitedly start to lick her pussy and clit. I move up to your cock and start sucking you then I move up more and sit down on your cock taking you all the way in. Moving slowly and working up to a rhythm. She leans back towards me and I reach so I can kiss her. She stands up and turned around so she is facing me. Suddenly you sit up and pull me off. You force her onto her hands and knees and then push into her from behind. “Sit in front of her” you say and I do. I sit in front of her and she puts her face between my legs. The harder he fucks her the harder she licks me. She adds a finger and alternated between sucking and licking my clit and I don’t know how long I can stop myself from cumming. I look up at your face and know you are close. Then an orgasm suddenly overtakes me and I look you in the eye as it rips through me. It sets you off because before I know it you scream and cum.

We all lay down, hot and sweaty.

I know straight away I definitely want to do this again.