You decide you need a night out dancing with your best girlfriend. You have always fantasied about fucking her and you both often talk about your fantasies. You decide what to wear, a tight black dress, no bra or underwear and a sexy pair of heals.

You get to the bar your meeting her at first, grab a drink and sit down. Watching the door, as she walks in. Fuck me you say to yourself. She is wearing a very tight, very short dress, hugging her beautiful tits and juicy ass. You get up and hug her, both checking the other out.

Your giggling and chatting away for abit. Enjoying your drinks, then a group of hot and fit guys send two drinks over. They look like footy players, big muscular arms and a few have tattoos. You both say thank you and drink up. Then decide to tease them on the dance floor as they watch you both grind each other, kissing and touching each other. The 8 of them loving the show and the both of you getting wet having them watch.

You get to chatting to them and flirting away. You both want to fuck them and each other so badly. Soon one tells you they have an awesome apartment with a great view, would you like to come see it. You both say yes and head off with them. You have another drink and slowly dance for the boys. Undressing each other, exploring each other’s bodies. Not letting the boys touch, as you tell them all to sit and watch.

You are on top of her, kissing her amazing body, worshiping every inch of her. Slowly you lick her pussy, as she curves her back and moans loudly. You begin to swirl your tongue around her clit and lightly driving inside her. Making her get closer and closer, until she orgasms for you. The boys watching so closely, you ask one to come over and let him continue to lick her pussy as you kiss her hard. Choking her a little with your hand, you get another to come over. Now suck his cock you little whore you say.

As the two guys take care of her, you ask the other 6 boys. Who wants there cock sucked the 6 of them come around you. You on your knees, cocks surrounding you. You take two in either hand and another in your mouth. Going from one to another to another. Sucking them, choking of them. Spit running down their cocks and your face. You look over and now the guy licking her out is fucking pounding her hard, she is moaning but it’s muffled with the big cock in her mouth.

You tell the guy with a big thick cock to lay down, as you mount him. You ride his cock and come so fast. It’s the biggest cock you have ever had and it feels so good. You take another in your mouth, as a guy starts to lick your asshole. All this attention you can’t believe it, you cum so hard over and over. Then your girlfriend comes over and kisses you. You both in orgasm heaven. You getting off the guy with the huge cock. Telling her to take him for a ride!

You watch her gasp as she lowers onto that big cock, you grab her by the throat. Spanking her hard and kissing her. Choking her a little as she slowly grinds him. Taking the full length deep inside her pussy, she cums so quickly for that cock. Another grabs your hand and leads you over to the couch.

He sits down, you get on top and begin to fuck him. Then another guy comes over and enters your asshole. You are so full, it’s so tight and feels so amazing. Your juices dripping out of you as you cum instantly. You then ask another to come over so you can suck his cock. Two come so you have one in your mouth, one in your hand, one in your ass and one in your pussy. You can’t believe all this cock hard for you, orgasm after orgasm. Sucking the cock in between moans. You and your girlfriend need a rest. So you both get off the guys your on. Grabbing a drink and sitting down, the boys get on there knees and take turns licking your pussys servicing their queens like the deserve.

You tell them to go away, as you both kiss and hold each other. Teasing them some more, you lick her asshole and pussy. Tasting her dripping holes!

You ask her, you want these holes filled like a good little slut? She says yes, so you tell 4 guys to come over. She mounts one, lowering herself onto his nice cock. Taking it all as deep as she can, her ass facing away from him. Another enters her asshole, slowly, pushing in as deep as he can also. She moans loudly and cums for them. As the start to stroke in and out, one in and one out. In opposite tandem, fucking her holes slowly, rhythmically and deeply. Then the other two come around to her face and she starts to suck them like her life depends on it. She loves sucking cock and it shows. Spit dripping down her face, there cocks soaking wet with her spit, so fucking sexy you think as she deep throat’s those cocks.

You lightly playing with your pussy as you cum just watching, then the other 4 guys come over and take you. It’s your turn to be filled again. But this time you have the guy with the massive cock. You sit down on him, he fills you up like nothing before. Then another guy enters your already tight asshole. Fuck me you moan as they both stretch you like never before. You can’t even open your eyes let alone suck cock, but you hold those hard thick cocks till you can gather yourself. Your girlfriend and you lock eyes as you both orgasm and suck cock over and over again. The guys not letting you breath until they have all fucked you multiple times. Changing positions and using your holes like dirty little


Then when they are ready to cum, you both get on your knees. Pushing your tits together and tongues out. They take turns covering you both in cum. Dripping from your face and tits. You clean each other up, drinking all that cum. Also ensuring you suck every drop from those cocks. Fuck what a night, you have both had 8 cocks multiple times in all your holes. You give the hottest and best fuck your number, who happened to have the best cock also. Saying if he ever wants to meet up let you know.

As your on your way down with her, he messages. Saying he already can’t stop thinking about the both of you. So you send him a little tease of your pussys and you both kissing. Then in cab and back to her place. It’s late, your tired but still so dripping wet. Horny, sore and satisfied!

You get home and cuddle your girlfriend in bed, both naked and exhausted. You can feel her wet pussy still dripping, you start to play with her. Pushing two fingers inside her tight and wet pussy. Kissing her hard, letting her know how much you want her. Feeling her arch and edge closer to cumming, you put those fingers right in the right spot as she burst for you. Gushing wet, almost squirting for you. Time to clean up you say as you go down and lick up all her wetness. She taste amazing, sweet and sexy. You let her catch her breath as you notice a text on your phone. It’s from the guy, he wants more. You wonder if you should share them both again, or be selfish this time…