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My core motivation is to help you see that ONE photo. To help you embrace that incredible body of yours and start that self love journey. I want to remind you just how beautiful, sexy and human you really are. Let’s get raw for a minute. We are all sexual beings; we have to be for humanity to survive. Unfortunately, when it comes to feeling sexy and in tune with ourselves, it’s usually obscured by what it was, that shaped us. Our perceived view becomes distorted and clouds our own judgement on ourselves. But what if we could clear some of these clouds, the doubt and negativity, and just be our sensual sexy selves?

Boudoir Photography Fremantle

This is why Boudoir and Intimate Portraiture is more than just putting on lingerie and having photos. It’s pushing past your insecurities and comfort zones; it’s awakening your intimate, sexy self. The very essence that makes you a sensual, beautiful human being no matter your shape, age or journey. It's an investment in yourself that is worth it.

But making that first step in actually booking is undeniably daunting and I feel with you on that! From someone who never thought I would be content and love my body, I can say it's absolutely achievable! YES you can unlearn all the crap, and YES you WILL learn to accept and finally see all your glory. Nothing that's worth it comes easy, and sometimes it only happens because we decided enough is enough. We have to decide and make the commitment of pushing that comfort zone, invest some time and money into something that is ever so life changing as Boudoir. Then once it's done and you're looking at your self in a whole new way, that you have always been dreaming of, the CONFIDENCE you gain will change EVERYTHING. I know this, because I lived it, I'm living it now my clients and repeat babes are living it, all because they trusted in me and my specialty. So what's next?

Boudoir Studio


I am here to help guide you every step of the way, including the pep talks, virtual hugs, advice and anything else you need to settle those nerves. When you book in, you'll receive a full comprehensive guide on what to expect, how to prepare, what beauty treatments to book and when, who, why, a list of retails stores, online stores, FAQ's, do's and don'ts and my studio location. You will also receive a link to lock in a time to go over any questions and styling etc which is called your pre-session consultation.

Then comes your shoot day!! When you arrive, you'll instantly be at ease and the nerves will start to turn into excitement. My studio is located in Manning Building, one of Fremantle's beautifully redeveloped heritage listed sites that has its old humble charm with a modern and stylish design. When you walk into my space, you'll immediately feel like you're home, a safe space to be unapologetically YOU. The studio is exclusively reserved for you for the whole day, and I guarantee your session will be full of fun, laughter, chit chat and more!

The Date Holding Fee

A non-refundable date holding fee is required to secure your session day in my diary by completing the Booking Form below. This includes your details, accepting terms and conditions and payment. The date holding fee covers your whole experience from the pre-session consultation, prep guide, professional hair and makeup, use of the client closet, 90 minutes of shooting time and same day viewing of your images. The studio is exclusively reserved for you, and very rarely booked for a second session afterwards; it's all about you baby!

The date holding fee is normally $350, however for this years Black Friday Sale, it's only $250 AND you receive $400 credit towards your chosen package! PLUS our Limited Early Bird gives you an extra 5% off by using the code BLKFDY5 so that's a super steal! Hurry though, this code will only work for the first 5 bookings, which applies to ALL of the Collections, Themes and our signature Luxe Experience.

Not sure which Collection you would like? That's ok, you don't need to chose now, simply lock in the Black Friday Date Holding Fee and wait till your session. The 5% Early Bird Discount however is only available during the sale period, or until it runs out. To lock in the extra savings on Collections, you can sign up to a pre-payment plan and pay it off leading up to your session date. BONUS cool tip, this option compliments you to a Themed Session like Milk Bath, Shower Scene or Bondage sets, that's already over $750 of savings!

A boudoir session is an investment in YOU, why because you are WORTH it.


All prices include GST, current from September 2021 and are subject to change without notice. Prices are secured at time of booking.

The Cardinal

This entry package includes:
12 High Resolution Digital images via online gallery download.
Plus 5% Off Wall Art


The Embodiment

Our most popular package includes:
25 High Resolution Digital Images via online gallery download
An 8x10" Signature Frosted Acrylic Album
A Mobile App of your images
Plus 10% Off any Wall Art
- Total Value $4050


The Hedonic

This massive bundle includes:
35 High Resolution Images on a Crystal USB
An 8x10" Signature Frosted Acrylic Album
A 24x36" Acrylic Print
Plus 20% Off Wall Art or any add on's
- Total Value $6445


Extra images are available for $130 each and luxury albums, wall art and fun gift ideas are also available to add onto your collection, starting from $250.

Boudoir Album

Frosted Acrylic Album

Boudoir Prints

Folio Box

Boudoir Box

Folio Box

Lite Book

Take a sneak peek at our signature Frosted Acrylic Album.

You can also customise your experience by adding on any of these themes to your session.

Bubble Bath Milk Bath

Milk or Bubble Bath


Bondage, BDSM

Honey Birdette Equestrian Swing and Bondage Set


Creative Photography

Looking for something more creative or you have a specific theme in mind? I love bringing your vision to life! Creative Quotes start from $250

Not sure what to buy for a session or wanting something a little extra Luxe? My signature Luxe Experience is the whole package and quite popular. This is were we get to do some retail therapy a week or two before your session and go shopping together! I will pay for the pieces that you choose, then after your session you take them home. I offer this because I understand how daunting it is to try on new things. I understand the pressure on us to spend spend spend. So by being your guide in the change room, you're free to really enjoy the shopping experience.

The Luxe $3,395

This Luxe Boudoir Experience is a favourite with sexy value,

It includes:
- Session fee
- Shopping Date with $300 towards lingerie
- Hair and Makeup
- 90 minute guided session
- Theme to your experience
- 20 Digital Images on USB
- 8x8 Boutique Album

Normally $3,795!

I can't express how much I understand the reservation to invest so much money in yourself. Especially when investing in this type of experience, for which you already have reservations about. Sure it's a risk, anything this scary is going to raise many concerns and your natural human instinct is to protect yourself from it. You are valid for keeping to a budget and you are valid in wanting goals. So to help ease the load I offer super simple inhouse payment plan options, along with Interest Free Finance, to which 90% of my clientele choose to do. To view our easy payment plan options, click below.

Ready To Book?

If you are ready to book your very own Boudoir Session then let's get you started!

Pick a date from my availability below by selecting a day and submitting your details. This will tentatively secure your date and redirect you to confirm your booking. Only by completing the Booking Form, Agreement and Payment is your session confirmed, then we are on our way! You'll then receive a confirmation email with a link to directly book your pre-consultation and session into my diary. Once your session is locked in, you'll receive a comprehensive Preparation Guide to help you prepare for your big day. How easy is that?

Got any questions? Please send them my way to empower@candiceanne.com and I will answer as many as you need. Alternatively, you're welcome to book a time to visit me in the studio, come take a look around while enjoying what Fremantle has to offer!

We wish to acknowledge the custodians of this land, the Wadjuk (Perth region) people of the Nyoongar nation and their Elders past, present and future. Candice Anne Photography acknowledges and respects their continuing culture and the contribution they make to the life of this city and this region.

We are an all-inclusive small business that endeavours to continually educate ourselves on how we can support marginalised communities, including LGBTQIA, persons of colour and people with disabilities while acknowledging and exercising humility about our privilege.